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Cervical fluid check

Cervical fluid is not just important to women who are trying to conceive it’s also important to women who are trying to balance out their pH and have a healthy flora. Healthy flora can look like a few things: Healthy PH balance; women typically have a level of 3.8-4.5. It is usually higher before a womans' first menses and after menopause. These levels can determine whether you have BV (bacteria vaginosis), candida or an STD. Clear cervical fluid is a healthy sign of ovulation, thick gummy odorless fluid is a sign that you are past your ovulation window. If your fluid is clear watery, runny and has a slight odor you could have a yeast infection, allergic reaction to sperm (and your PH is off) or an STD outbreak of some sort. If you have a green foul smelling discharge at anytime go see your doctor, this could be a serious sign. Also, check for blood tinged fluid, this could range from implantation bleeding to a vaginal infection.

In conjunction a woman who’s trying to conceive knowing your cervical fluid and your ovulation is key to pinpointing that right time, that right moment, & that right consistency. Be sure to keep an eye out on your moon cycle. Your fluid will change based on your cycle and the LENGTH of your cycle. I recommend getting an app that keeps track of your cervical stages. You can also buy an ovulation stick predictor.


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Natasha B.

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